NTL Benefits

What are the Benefits of NTL?

·         Illinois NBPTS Master Certification endorsement

·         15 CPS Lane Placement credits

·         professional learning community

·         27 hours of university graduate credit

·         1st consideration for Consulting Teacher and Framework Specialist roles

·         annual stipend- $1960+

·         optional Masters Degree

·         writing institute

·         public recognition

·         paid coaching incentives

·         teacher leadership roles

·         state recertification requirement met

What are the Requirements for NTL Enrollment?

·         3 years of successful teaching at NBPTS certificate level

·         3 years commitment to teaching in CPS beginning 2018/19 school year

·         51 percent of your time teaching in the area in which you are seeking certification

·         successful completion of the NTL application profile

·         open to PAT or tenured teachers/counselors/librarian